V.I.P Escort

V.I.P Escort
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The universe is a vast, marvellous place and without a doubt, space travel is one of the greatest joys of Star Citizen. But at times, flying can be everything from hazardous or frustrating, to downright boring. This is why Draven I.N.C provides safe, stylish and efficient transportation to anywhere in the galaxy. When you travel with us, you get to choose from an extensive selection of ships so that the trip can be tailor made to your tastes.

Cut away the hassle, Sit back and relax

Star Citizen has been lauded and critiqued for its advanced flying controls. Piloting a vessel is no picnic and even though it can be loads of fun, sometimes you just want to get there as fast as possible. Hop on board with one of our pilots and they will make sure that no precious time is wasted. Sit and back and relax and let them do the work instead. Whether for business or pleasure, a long haul or a quick run, Draven I.N.C will stick with you for as long as you need. Regardless of what you choose, your safety is our top priority.

The royal treatment

If you so desire, take a sightseeing trip across the Verse and see the most beautiful sceneries and bustling hotspots. For this type of trip, we put heavy emphasis on style, making the most out of what’s available to make sure that you get the total package. For players interested in RPG, you can even get a fellow passenger to talk to. Wherever, whenever and however you want to go. Draven I.N.C:s VIP programme will get you there.