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Ship Assault

Got an annoying spacecraft that needs taking care of? Whether covert or overt, through stealth or sheer force, Draven INC has you covered.

Pure mayhem, made easy

If you simply need to blow something to smithereens, our fighters and gunships are sure to get the job done. We combine a relentless barrage of missiles with quick, efficient fighter strikes to make the most out of every ship, turret and pilot. Your enemies will be reduced to floating debris in no time.

Discreet and effective

If you prefer a more subtle approach, don’t worry. At Draven Inc, we keep it quick, easy and surgical. And as with any surgeon’s tool, we make sure to apply just the right amount of force at the right place, at the right time. Our marines can board a vessel before the crew understands what is going on, while our versatile fleet makes extraction seamless and fast. This makes hiring us an easy way of adding another ship to your collection.