High Value Targets

High Value Targets
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Being able to settle disputes peacefully is all well and good. But in a universe filled to the brim with gunships, frigates and fighters, there will be times when diplomacy no longer works. We at Draven I.N.C understand this, and we are here to help. If you have the target, we can take it out.

  • Need a pilot plucked from a vessel mid-flight? No worries!
  • Need an enemy commander removed from a planet? We got you covered!
  • Need fresh intel on someone’s whereabouts? We’ll find them!

  • Mean machines

    No matter where your target is, we got the vehicles and vessels needed. We’ve got everything from fighters and stealth ships to motorcycles and trucks, and will spare no expense to get to the enemy. Our emphasis on stealth means that we can move in and neutralise the subject long before they can mount a defence. Finally, we have plenty of ships fitted with scanning equipment, which makes finding targets all the more easy.

    The craftsmen and their tools

    We handpick teams to best suit the mission at hand, meaning that whatever is required, you are sure to get our very best for your particular mission. For us, there is no such thing as “another day at work”. Every job comes with new challenges - and new challenges call for new approaches. We know our members’ strengths and weaknesses very well, constantly making sure to put the right people in scenarios where they excel.

    Knowledge is power

    Our squads make sure to stay well informed and read up on different areas around the verse, to constantly stay steps ahead of the enemy and shut down any planned escape paths. In the same way, we are always thorough in our reconnaissance work, to find the best strategies and points of entry. At the same time, we train our Special Operations crews to be ready to abandon any established plans as soon as the situation requires it. As circumstances change, we change with them. This is why Draven I.N.C is for you.