Ground Support
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Ground support

Are your enemies at your doorstep? Call Draven I.N.C for a quick relief! Just give us a call and we will have "tonks" flanking your enemies in notime! Do you wish you were at your enemies doorstep? Well use the same number to get transported in anything from hammerheads to Hercules A1 Bombers!

We will get you there, silent or with a roar!

Trained in covert ops and defensive flying our pilots will make sure you and your army arives in the fashion you always wanted! Our highly trained scouts will mark your targets, find your HVT's and all the bunkers weak spots. A complete report and a secure line!

Need manpower or artillery?

Marines and guns are our livelyhood, we spend our days and nights pounding and rounding up them enemies. They have nowhere to run and we are at your service. Our contracts can run everything from a skirmish to the entire war.